Self Care Saturday

The last couple of blog posts I wrote left me feeling a little emotionally drained. I think going through almost everything and being totally honest about my thoughts, feelings and what I went (and still am going) through took its toll a bit more than I expected it would. Today started ok but then I started feeling a bit rubbish. I started to pick over my appearance and grab and poke at the extra bits of weight I’ve gained on my thighs and tummy and scrutinise the double chin I’m convinced I now have whilst body checking every time I went near a mirror. I was snappy with my husband and storming around the house a bit. I can’t expect that every day I will feel ok and be 100% positive and focussed in this journey but I decided to do a few small things to try and help me snap out of it.

One of the biggest things I’ve been doing lately is continuing to eat when I’ve felt the need to go back to restricting. Normally, if I had gained a little weight, I would start looking at my diet more closely and start restricting and perhaps doing a little more exercise. Lately, when those feelings have come along I’ve gone and had a snack and forced myself to either take it easy with working out or took a rest day. So, today I took a rest day and I ate lots of delicious food – including plenty of salted caramel ice cream and gluten free fairy cakes again (which I baked yesterday). I’ve tried really hard to enjoy my food recently and I think I managed it well today despite how I was feeling.


Other little things I did today – just for me – included putting on a brand new dress (now it’s just the right length thanks to my lovely Mum-in-Law taking the hem up for me earlier in the week when she was visiting us), taking some time to read a couple of magazines on my Kindle, sinking into a hot bubble bath with a face mask on, enjoying a couple of very small glasses of red wine and starting to watch the Sex and the City box set again from the pilot episode!

These small things may not be much to a lot of people, but I believe self care is all about doing the little things that make YOU feel better and feel good. These may change on a day to day basis and I think it’s all about listening to your own body and doing what is right for you at that time.

Next on my list will be indulging in some dark chocolate and perhaps even another tiny glass of red wine whilst watching a film and snuggling up to my amazing husband. Happy Saturday everyone ❤


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