#bodygoals I’m seeing the use of this # becoming increasingly popular across social media in the last year or so and the more I see it, the more it has got me thinking about what ‘body goals’ really are.

I will base this blog post around the attitudes of women since the majority of these tags are made by women (and young girls), sharing pictures of other women or commenting on other pictures of women with certain physiques. Whether that physique be lean and ripped (the current apparent trend), rake thin with bones jutting out and clearly airbrushed to within an inch of the subjects life or 50’s icon worthy hourglass curves which not even wearing three waist trainers could create on most women’s bodies. Women are sitting there, passing judgement on another woman’s body, striving to look like this and feeling inferior in their own skin.

It is sad that society has become like this. When did we stop being happy with how WE look and start wanting to look like someone else? Every single one of us is totally unique and even if we did everything exactly the same as the women we see as having our total ‘body goals’ – that’s eating the same diet, doing the same workouts, sleeping the same amount of hours, using the same products etc etc – we STILL wouldn’t look like they do.

We, as women, need to be more comfortable on our own skin. It is GREAT to see so many of us inspired by the health and fitness regimes or figures of others but instead of saying they are our goals, we should be appreciating them but also ourselves and how great we look or how strong we are. So, the next time you’re looking at the (sometimes heavily edited, overly posed and often unrealistic) photos of others on social media and you’re thinking how you wished you looked like them, remember to tell yourself that whilst they do look great, so do you and you’re just as every bit amazing.


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