Being positive

Last year we did a Happiness Jar in our household. Each day we jotted down a few notes from the day which were positive things about the day or things we were grateful for or made us happy. Every single day of 2016 one of us found something to jot down on some paper and pop into the jar – everything from fun things during our time on holiday together to smaller things as simple as the kids behaving well all day. It certainly made me reflect more and see the silver lining in things I would normally feel quite negatively about and it also made me actively LOOK for the positives in each day.


This year I decided to do pretty much the same thing, but to note everything down in a small journal instead of having another jar. It’s going well so far and I’m managing to keep trying to see the positives in each day.

Along with this, I decided to do something just about me (given I’m the one with the issues!) – a sort of self-esteem boosting book! I bought another small, undated journal which simply has a number on each page from 1-365. I’m aiming to fill it full of positive memories and feelings. Everything from remembering how I achieved something I thought I couldn’t to remembering how beautiful I felt on my wedding day. The purpose of this book is to remind me on days I’m finding particularly hard that actually, I am worth something. I am intelligent, beautiful, loved and appreciated and I do have accomplishments, drive and determination. It’s just sort of a little pep-talk book to me, from me to keep me going when I hit a low ebb.


I’m not sure how long it will take to fill it all, it may take years, but the main thing is I have started it and have a handful of memories written in there to start me off. I’m hoping it will also help me when it comes to recalling things in that I will begin to recall more good things in my life rather than the bad. Small things like this can help to make the biggest impact.


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